Before Kicking the Bucket.

As you've probably figured out by now, I like to travel. Unfortunately, while there is so much to do in this world, we're all marked by our very own expiration dates. Morbid? Maybe. But true.  Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to already conquer quite a few items on my wish list from Scuba Diving in the Red Sea to floating like styrofoam in the Dead Sea, but I'm never satisfied.

On that note, below is my ever-growing travel "bucket list". You'll find that some of these are your typical wish list items while others may be a little more unique in nature. I plan to keep adding to this list as I think of others.

In no specific order...

1. Eat sushi in Tokyo
2. Attend the Cannes Film Festival
3. Play roulette in Monte Carlo
4. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
5. Party with my favorite DJ's in Ibiza
6. Snowboard in the Alps
7. Watch the World Cup live
8. Drink a cup of coffee while watching the lions at a Kenyan Safari Villa
9. Shop in Paris and Milan
10. Eat at El Bulli
11. Walk where Jesus walked in Jerusalem.
12. Get lost on Phi Phi Island, Thailand

So, what's on your list?


Anonymous said...

Safaris are better in South Africa!

Traveling Mike said...

drive the pan-american highway

shaun said...

My travel bucket list would be (in nor particular order).

1. Walk were Jesus walked (same as you).
2. Visit the Pyramids in egypt.
3. Take a camel ride across the sahara.
4. Visit the Taj Mahal.
5. See mount Everest.
6. Climb Eiffel tower.
7. Pray at the Vatican.
8. Eat real Chinese food.
9. Cruise the Mediterranean.
10. Tour Ephesus
11. Shop at Turkish Bazaars.
12. Sail the Nile.
13. Relax in Mauritius.
14. Take the silk road train.
15. See the victoria Falls.

Sam S. said...

Shaun, I definitely would love to visit the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal as well, including the other wonders of the world. Traveling Mike, wow, I never thought of that. You'd see so many different places completely diverse in nature!

Chantal said...

I really like your bucket list, Shaun. Mauritius is AWESOME - I've been with my family a few times and Victoria Falls is an amazing sight to see :) The pyramids and cruising the Nile are on my list too :)

Anonymous said...

there is never enough time is there. I must admit I have crossed many things off my list already (and at 25 i think i have a few years left to do the rest)
I have seen the pyramids, I have drank vodka in Russia, climbed the eiffel tower, shopped at the turkish bazaars, had a red curry in thailand, but the things that are left are
1. eat curry in India
2. stay in an over water villa in maldives
3. swim with great whites off cape town
4. see machu pichu and the amazon rainforest
5. drive around new zealand in a camper van
6. float in the dead sea
7. hike the great wall of china
and the list goes on.
look forward to hearing other travellers dreams...

flipnomad said...

here's my travel bucket list

1. see the sunrise and sunset in antartica
2. go to cuba before fidel castro dies
3. take tha transiberian train from beijing to moscow
4. swim with whale sharks
5. cross the karakoram highway
7. hitchhike a yacht in grand canary
8. attend the tomatina festival in spain
9. see the northern ights in finland
10. african safari
11. cruise down the amazon river

now that im thinking about it, my list seems endless...

Soni said...

love the bucket list, I also want to eat sushi in Tokyo, see the Vic falls and ride a small boat down the Akovango river among other destinations. I have had a cup of coffee and lunch in the Maasai Mara watching lions, it was awesome and swam in the red sea (not as fancy as scuba diving)its beautiful. So many places not enough time or opportunity sigh.. we try :)

Sam S. said...

Guys...thanks for all the great suggestions! I haven't kept my blog fresh in a long time as I've been working on getting it transitioned from to a personal server. Please stay tuned as I update the content more frequently.

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